There’s nothing quite like a good meal with a killer lakeside view, and Okoboji is renowned for its water’s edge eateries. From gourmet, full-service, white table-cloth restaurants to casual bars and grills to quaint coffeehouses, the Iowa Great Lakes has it all!

Recommended Dining: What to Order

by Mary Lynn Ingvall, Okoboji Real Estate Specialist

  • Tweeters Bar & Grill
    Hwy. 71, Okoboji
    (712) 332-9421
    Buffalo wings and their caesar salad are my absolute favorites.
  • Yesterdays
    Broadway St., Arnolds Park
    (712) 332-2353
    Walleye, and of course, the key lime pie!
  • Outrigger Restaurant
    Hwy. 71, Okoboji (right next to my office!)
    (712) 332-7926
    Sweet potatoes and ribs.
  • The Wine Bar & Art Gallery
    Broadway St., Arnolds Park
    (712) 332-7111
    Any of the cool, crisp white wines and chocolates!
  • Prairie Chick
    Hwy. 71, Spirit Lake
    (712) 332-2040
    The Quiche!
  • The Ritz
    Hwy. 71, Arnolds Park
    (712) 332-2777
    Pizza! Famous Burgers!
  • Okoboji Store
    1404 Hwy 71 South, Okoboji
    (712) 332-8180
    Homemade chips with sour cream & onion dip and the Beets Me salad.
  • Okoboji Brewing Company
    3705 Hwy 71, Spirit Laike
    (712) 336-8406
    Local Brew!
  • Jimmy John’s
    The Boonedocks, Arnolds Park
    (712) 332-2305
    Number 6 unwich and thinny chips, great when you’re on the go.
  • Maxwell’s Beach Café
    State Pier, Arnolds Park
    (712) 332-7578
    Anything on the patio tastes wonderful, but try the tostado salad.

  • Los Pueblos
    Hwy. 71, Arnolds Park
    (712) 332-7315
    Chips and Florencia’s homemade salsa.
  • Minerva’s
    Arrowwood Resort, Okoboji
    (712) 332-5296
    Tuesday Pasta Night!
  • Bob’s in Arnolds Park
    243 W Broadway
    (712) 332-6564
    Bob’s Dogs on the Lake!
  • Goodies
    Hwy. 71, Spirit Lake
    (712) 336-1212
    A carrot cake to go, please!
  • West O Beer
    503 Terrace Park Blvd., West Okoboji
    (712) 332-8090
    Coco Stout! Beer! Need we say more?
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